Audio Toolkit - Functions

The following functions are available:

MIDI Device Interface

midideviceCreate a midi device using the input parameters.
mididevinfoRetrieve the midi devices detected within the system.
midiflushFlush the receive buffers on a midi device
midimsgCreate a midimsg object
midireceiveAttempt to receive midi messages from a midi device.
midisendSend a midimsg to a midi device
@octave_midi/hasdataReturn whether there is data available to read

MIDI Controller Interface

midiidScan for control messages from midi devices to get the id of the device
midicontrolsCreate a midi controls object
midisyncSend the values of control object to the control, using CTRLVALUES values if ...
midireadRead current values of midi controls
midicallbackGet, set or clear the midicontrol object callback.


midifileinfoRead MIDI file and display information about the tracks and data
midifilereadRead MIDI file into a midimsg
midifilewriteWrite a midifile
ismidifileCheck if FILENAME is a midi file.


midimsgtypeA midimsg type enumeration for values of the midimsg type.

Waveform Generation

audioOscillatorGenerate sine, sawtool and square waveforms


bark2hzConvert equivalent Bark Frequency to Hz.
erb2hzConvert equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB) to Hz.
mel2hzConvert equivalent mel frequency to Hz.
hz2barkConvert hz to equivalent bark frequency
hz2erbConvert hz to equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB)
hz2melConvert hz to equivalent mel frequency.