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Function Reference: @lti/ctranspose

Function File: SYST = ctranspose (SYS)

Conjugate transpose or pertransposition of LTI objects. Used by Octave for "sys’". For a transfer-function matrix G, G’ denotes the conjugate of G given by G.’(-s) for a continuous-time system or G.’(1/z) for a discrete-time system. The frequency response of the pertransposition of G is the Hermitian (conjugate) transpose of G(jw), i.e. freqresp (G’, w) = freqresp (G, w)’. WARNING: Do NOT use this for dual problems, use the transpose "sys.’" (note the dot) instead.



System to be transposed.



Conjugate transposed of SYS.

Source Code: @lti/ctranspose