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Function Reference: mktito

Function File: P = mktito (P, nmeas, ncon)

Partition LTI plant P for robust controller synthesis. If a plant is partitioned this way, one can omit the inputs nmeas and ncon when calling the functions hinfsyn and h2syn.



Generalized plant.


Number of measured outputs v. The last nmeas outputs of P are connected to the inputs of controller K. The remaining outputs z (indices 1 to p-nmeas) are used to calculate the H-2/H-infinity norm.


Number of controlled inputs u. The last ncon inputs of P are connected to the outputs of controller K. The remaining inputs w (indices 1 to m-ncon) are excited by a harmonic test signal.



Partitioned plant. The input/output groups and names are overwritten with designations according to [1].

Block Diagram

 min||N(K)||             N = lft (P, K)
  K         norm

   w = u1 ----->|        |-----> z = y1
                |  P(s)  |
   u = u2 +---->|        |-----+ y = y2
          |     +--------+     |
          |                    |
          |     +--------+     |
          +-----|  K(s)  |<----+

   w = u1 ----->|  N(s)  |-----> z = y1

[1] Skogestad, S. and Postlethwaite, I. (2005) Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design: Second Edition. Wiley, Chichester, England.

Source Code: mktito