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Function Reference: imp_invar

Function File: [b_out, a_out] = imp_invar (b, a, fs, tol)
Function File: [b_out, a_out] = imp_invar (b, a, fs)
Function File: [b_out, a_out] = imp_invar (b, a)
Function File: [sys_out] = imp_invar (b, a, fs. tol)
Function File: [sys_out] = imp_invar (sys_in, fs, tol)

Converts analog filter with coefficients b and a and/or sys_in to digital, conserving impulse response.

If fs is not specified, or is an empty vector, it defaults to 1Hz.

If tol is not specified, it defaults to 0.0001 (0.1%) This function does the inverse of invimpinvar so that the following example should restore the original values of a and b.

invimpinvar implements the reverse of this function.

 [b, a] = impinvar (b, a);
 [b, a] = invimpinvar (b, a);

Reference: Thomas J. Cavicchi (1996) “Impulse invariance and multiple-order poles”. IEEE transactions on signal processing, Vol 44 (9): 2344–2347

See also: zoh, bilinear, invimpinvar

Source Code: imp_invar