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Function Reference: pzmap

Function File: pzmap (sys)
Function File: pzmap (sys1, sys2, …, sysN)
Function File: pzmap (sys1, 'style1', …, sysN, 'styleN')
Function File: [p, z] = pzmap (sys)

Plot the poles and zeros of an LTI system in the complex plane. If no output arguments are given, the result is plotted on the screen. Otherwise, the poles and zeros are computed and returned. Note that only one system is processed when output arguments are given.


sys, sys1, ...

LTI model(s).


Color, e.g. ’r’ for a red. See help plot for details. Marker or line styles are ignored as poles and zeros have the fixed marker types ’x’ and ’o’ repectively.



Poles of sys.


Invariant zeros of sys.

Source Code: pzmap

Example: 1


 z = tf('z',1);
 G1z = (z+1)/(z-0.75)/(z^2-1*z+1);

plotted figure

Example: 2


 s = tf('s');
 G1 = 1/(2*s^2+3*s+4);
 G2 = (1-s)/(1+s)/(s^2+s+1);

plotted figure