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Function Reference: @lti/frdata

Function File: [H, w, tsam] = frdata (sys)
Function File: [H, w, tsam] = frdata (sys, "vector")

Access frequency response data. Argument sys is not limited to frequency response data objects. If sys is not a frd object, it is converted automatically.



Any type of LTI model.

"v", "vector"

In case sys is a SISO model, this option returns the frequency response as a column vector (lw-by-1) instead of an array (p-by-m-by-lw).



Frequency response array (p-by-m-by-lw). H(i,j,k) contains the response from input j to output i at frequency k. In the SISO case, a vector (lw-by-1) is possible as well.


Frequency vector (lw-by-1) in radian per second [rad/s]. Frequencies are in ascending order.


Sampling time in seconds. If sys is a continuous-time model, a zero is returned.

Source Code: @lti/frdata