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Function Reference: VLFamp

Function File: VLFamp
Function File: result = VLFamp (verbose)

Calculations on a two stage preamp for a multi-turn, air-core solenoid loop antenna for the reception of signals below 30kHz.

The Octave Control Package functions are used extensively to approximate the behavior of operational amplifiers and passive electrical circuit elements.

This example presents several ’screen’ pages of documentation of the calculations and some reasoning about why. Plots of the results are presented in most cases.

The process is to display a ’screen’ page of text followed by the calculation and a ’Press return to continue’ message. To proceed in the example, press return. ^C to exit.

At one point in the calculations, the process may seem to hang, but, this is because of extensive calculations.

The returned transfer function is more than 100 characters long so will wrap in screens that are narrow and appear jumbled.

Source Code: VLFamp